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Latest Release: This Side of the Dirt


GENRE: Singer/Songwriter/Roots/ Outlaw Country/Gospel RELEASE DATE: 2018


Produced by Phil Madeira (Emmylou Harris, Civil Wars, Lee Ann Womack) and recorded at The Butcher Shoppe Studio in Nashville, TN, Robert Dale Klein’s ten-song album, This Side of the Dirt, is a rich and resonant exploration of life, death, the preciousness of time, and the love we share during our finite walk.


In addition to Klein on lead vocals and guitar, the album features the vast musical talents of Phil Madeira (a myriad of string instruments, keys and backing vocals) and two other members of Emmylou Harris’s touring band, the legendary “Red Dirt Boys,” namely, Will Kimbrough (electric guitar) and Chris Donohue (bass). They are teamed up with a host of other A-list Nashville musicians and singers, including Dennis Holt on drums, John Mark Painter on multiple stringed instruments, and David Mansfield on fiddle and viola.  Female harmony and backing vocals are supplied by Grammy-nominated and Dove Award-winning artist, Cindy Morgan, and the fabulous Laura Donohue.


This combination of a stellar backing musicians and Robert Dale Klein's lifetime of singing, songwriting, and soul searching results in a genuine and powerful collection of songs faithful to the folk, outlaw country and gospel genres. It is melodic, wry, well-crafted, and plainspoken storytelling. Robert Dale Klein's passion and humor resonate throughout.



"Next Time" as performed at Commodore Grille, Nashville (Oct. 2019)

CD Release Event at the Soundry Columbia, MD (Oct. 2018)

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Sidewalk Prophet
Yard Sale Piano


Folk Alliance International, Montreal 2019
Cyrus and Bob ("His Master's Voice")
Cantina Navarro, Montreal 2019
Juliana Walker MacDowell & Bob - Itzall Goode March 2019
Itzall Goode Showcase, March 2019
Tickling the Ivories - Itzall Goode Showcase - March 201
Record Release Show with guest Dan Navarro, The Soundry 2018
Record Release Show with Ben Hoyt on fiddle, The Soundry 2018
Record Release Show with guests Naked Blue, Dan Navarro & David Phenicie, The Soundry 2018
Record Release Show, The Soundry 2018
Rams Head on Stage, Annapolis
with Dan Navarro, Rams Head on Stage, Annapolis
with Dan Navarro, Rams Head on Stage, Annapolis
Rams Head on Stage, Annapolis
Folk Alliance International, Montreal 2019
Robert Dale Klein
Christmas at Crush 2011 with Lisa Horan
with Dan Navarro
with Jimmy Webb
Phil Madeira, Bob & Wyatt Easterling
Songwriter at Work
Breathless Band
Bob, Phil Parlapiano, Dan Navarro & David Glaser
Cancun Cantina with Lisa Horan
Cancun Cantina with Lisa Horan
Crush Summer Concert
Crush Summer Concert with Lisa Horan
Phil Madeira, Butcher Shoppe Studio, Nashville
Cindy Morgan & Phil Madeira, Butcher Shoppe Studio, Nashville
Butcher Shoppe Studio, Nashville
Butcher Shoppe Studio, Nashville
Butcher Shoppe Studio, Nashville
Butcher Shoppe Studio, Nashville
Cindy Morgan & Bob, Butcher Shoppe Studio, Nashville
Bob & The Band, Butcher Shoppe Studio, Nashville
Laura Donohue, Phil Madeira & Sean Sullivan, Butcher Shoppe Studio, Nashville
Bob, Cindy Morgan, Phil Madeira, Sean Sullivan
Phil Madeira, Laura Donohue, Bob, Sean Sullivan
Bob & The Band, Butcher Shoppe Studio, Nashville
Phil Madeira, Butcher Shoppe Studio, Nashville



Photo By: Morten Fog




– Robert Dale Klein

I am completely smitten by music and song. They’ve been my constant and cherished travelling companions throughout my walk “on this side of the dirt.” My journey started as a little kid. I loved singing with my grandparents who took me to summer “sing-along” concerts in the local parks. My fascination with music and song really blossomed in the seventh grade, when I watched The Beatles' debut on the Ed Sullivan Show. Within days after that show I had assembled my first – and thankfully only – drum kit from an assortment of my grandmother’s hat boxes (toms), metal potato chip cans (snare and cymbals), and “drumsticks” carved from wooden dowels stolen from the cage of our dead family parakeet. “Tweetie” would have been very pleased – my parents, not so much. The “drum kit” was terrible, but still much better than my playing ability.

Fortunately for my parents, my interest in becoming the family “Ringo” was replaced by a greater passion for learning how to play guitar like John, Paul and George. With seven kids, my parents had no money to spare for music lessons, so I taught myself guitar by watching high school classmates. I next taught myself piano, discovering that I could play by ear. I also began to write songs, none good, but all from the heart. After decades of trial, error, and lots of practice, my songs have gotten better, as have my playing and singing. Nothing gives me greater joy than touching others’ hearts with a well-crafted song from my own heart. ​

Happily, others seem to appreciate my music. My songs and compositions have been performed on radio and TV, in film, musical theater, and on stages across the USA and foreign countries in both hemispheres. They’ve also garnered recognition from Country Music Television (CMT), the Nashville Songwriters Association International (NSAI), the Mid-Atlantic Songwriting Contest, the Berklee College of Music, and a variety of music industry publications. Eight of the ten songs on my album “This Side of the Dirt” have made the Top Five or Top Ten on KC Café Radio in Kansas City. Must be something “Americana” in the water out there! I am humbled by this positive public reception. 

Perhaps most fulfilling, I am privileged to have co-written songs performed in the repertoires of several super-gifted, award-winning singer-songwriters, including my friends Dan Navarro, Phil Madeira, Will Kimbrough, Jennifer Ferguson Smith, Juliana Walker MacDowell, Chuck McDowell, David Glaser, Donna Britton, John Mulder, Lauren Calve, and many others. 

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