Release Date: 2018


Robert Dale Klein’s new 10-song album, This Side of the Dirt, is a rich and resonant exploration of life, death, the preciousness of time, and the love we share during our finite walk. It was recorded at The Butcher Shoppe Studio in Nashville, TN and produced by Phil Madeira (Emmylou Harris, Civil Wars, Lee Ann Womack).

This combination of a stellar backing  musicians and Robert Dale Klein's lifetime of singing, songwriting  and soul searching, results in a genuine and powerful collection of songs faithful to the folk, outlaw country and gospel genres. If you enjoy the plainspoken storytelling of  Johnny Cash and Kris Kristofferson, the melodic, wry, and engaging styles of James Taylor and Don Henley, or the nuanced chord progressions and musical passion of Jimmy Webb or Billy Joel, then there are plenty of well-crafted songs on This Side of the Dirt for you. 


In addition to Madeira's sweet skills on all sorts of stringed and keyboard instruments, the album features the vast musical talents of two other members of Emmylou Harris’s touring band, the legendary “Red Dirt Boys,” namely, Will Kimbrough (electric guitar) and Chris Donohue (bass). They are teamed up with a host of other A-list Nashville musicians and singers, including Dennis Holt on drums, John Mark Painter on multiple stringed instruments, and David Mansfield on fiddle and viola.  Harmony and backing vocals are supplied by Grammy-nominated and Dove Award-winning artist, Cindy Morgan, the fabulous Laura Donohue, and producer, Phil Madeira.


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Photo By: RDM Photography



Photo By: RDM Photography



If one thing has remained a constant companion and driving force throughout singer/songwriter/musician Robert Dale (“Bob”) Klein's life, it's music and song. In grade school, inspired by The Beatles' debut on the Ed Sullivan Show, Bob built his first drum kit from his grandmother’s hat boxes, fashioning drum sticks from the dowels of a retired parakeet cage.

Picking up guitar as he began high school, Bob dug into the Beatles, Peter, Paul and Mary, Simon & Garfunkel, and John Denver and soon was part of a neighborhood garage band. Also a fan of the music of Broadway, he steeped himself in theater from high school through college while at the same time performing with assorted duo, trio and band configurations. With a gift for playing by ear, Bob taught himself piano in college, further expanding accompaniment options for his songwriting palette.

Bob has never paused his musical pursuits, and that passion has paid off. His songs and musical compositions have been performed on radio and TV, in film, musical theater, and on countless stages across the USA, Europe and South America. Bob’s songs, which span multiple genres, have garnered recognition and awards from a host of industry groups, including Country Music Television (CMT), the Nashville Songwriters Association International (NSAI), the Mid-Atlantic Songwriting Contest, the Berklee College of Music, and a variety of music industry publications.

Numerous award-winning performers have co-written songs in their repertoires with Bob, including Dan Navarro, Phil Madeira, Donna Britton, David Glaser, Jennifer Ferguson Smith, Chuck McDowell, John Mulder, Lauren Calve, and many others. Most recently, Bob and Oscar-contending vocalist Donna Britton Bukevicz, wrote, performed, and recorded the theme song “Thank You” for the indie-film, “From Grief to Gratitude,” a very promising entrant in the 2016 Sundance Film Festival.


Bob currently is a Coordinator of the Washington, D.C. Metro Area chapter of the Nashville Songwriters Association International, and a member of Folk Alliance International, the Songwriters Association of Washington and the Baltimore Songwriters Association. He directs the Contemporary Music Group of St. Andrew by the Bay Catholic Church in Annapolis, MD. more...





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